In this podcast episode I interview Ginger Parker. Ginger has been a massage therapist and reiki master of 15 + years. It has been her joy and purpose to help people and live their lives purpose.

Ginger discusses what REIKI is and how you can benefit from its healing properties.

We discuss how healing isn’t just physical, but its mental, emotional and spiritual as well.

Reiki is a good way to let go of trapped energy in a person’s body. Especially when it comes to Trauma and long-term health conditions.

Ginger enjoys releasing these energy blocks along with helping people release PAIN on all levels.  She helps people find direction in their life and by unblocking energy using reiki techniques, she is doing so.

Ginger also discusses how massage isn’t just “FLUFF” and can also offer so many other health benefits. We discuss the misconception that massage is just a luxury when it should be a MUST in your health routine- just like going to the gym.

Listen and learn why you should incorporate Reiki into your life today!!  

You can book a session with Ginger at:

Ginger is located in Richland, WA

Coach Tavia is a business entrepreneur, a real estate mogul, a wife, a dog mom, and has a passion for helping people.

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