Samantha (better known as Sammy) Barnett is a clinically trained nutritionist and health coach based in Queensland Australia.  She is the owner of Seeds of Life Nutrition and also the podcast Wholehearted Heath & Nutrition.  Being a mum of two young boys and dual business owner, Sammy has experienced firsthand the dangers of not slowing down and running on adrenaline.  She now helps overwhelmed and exhausted mums to slow down, understand their bodies and love themselves again through improved mindset and better nutrition and lifestyle choices.

In this episode we discuss Sammy’s own health journey as she was met with generalized anxiety disorder at the young age of 11 as well as a panic disorder, a range of gut health problems, depression, thyroid disease, adrenal dysfunction.

Later in her 30’s while training for a fitness competition, Sammy thought she was in the shape of her life, but then fell very sick and discovered the opposite was true. She ended up fighting acute liver failure.

Tune in and hear how Sammy’s struggles led her own amazing health and wellness business helping others with these same conditions.

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