In this podcast Tavia Interviews Amanda Schaefer, a podcast host, an author, a speaker, a mother, a daughter, a mentor, a friend. Amanda shares how she overcame 3 autoimmune diseases by tapping into her faith and by having more gratitude in life. 

Amanda is a storyteller and an encourager. She loves to create and everywhere that she goes she carries with her the goodness of looking through a lens of gratitude. She gives the listeners her top 5 tips for having gratitude in times of hardship.

Amanda shares that gratitude with others through the talents that she’s been given. She believes that following your purpose will not only be the most exciting and wonderful way to live your life, but that it will also be the way that you can change the world. Amanda believes that her purpose is to make the world a better place by changing her perspective and sharing the goodness she sees that is all around us l, even in the midst of difficulty. It’s more than just looking at the bright side, it’s seeing the good that’s always been there one intentional moment at a time.

Find Amanda on-IG handle: acupof_gratitude

Listen to her personal podcast: A cup of gratitude

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