In this Episode Tavia talks about the “man in the can” Otherwise known as what is your body made up of. Tavia talks about the 7 pillars that make up our health and why it is important to address each of these when getting back to better health.

Tavia also talks about genetic testing and how a test for MTHFR can be a big deal with future health.

Furthermore, Tavia talks about a test she likes to use called the Organic Acids Test. These tests are exceptional tests that show information like overgrowths in yeast/candida, what the gut is doing, what your mitochondria is doing, Nutrient and vitamin levels, Amino acid levels, mineral absorption and more.

Tavia explains in detail why these NON-standard tests and her analysis is important to getting to the root cause of her client’s health concerns.


Tavia is the CEO of Sweet life coaching, she is a certified functional nutritional health and wellness coach.

She was inspired to start her coaching journey after struggling with many years of chronic pain, women’s issues, migraines, and overall immune system dysfunction. She ultimately got a diagnosis of Lyme Disease in 2015 which has taken her to a new appreciation of life.  After facing a near-death experience just 4 years ago, she had a vision that she needed to change her life for the better and there was a purpose to her illness.  She began to change my mindset, changed my diet, incorporated healthier habits and started to see real results in her health.

Tavia’s message to everyone is, Life is short and Life is Sweet! Sweet Life Coaching, LLC  is all about real coaching and guiding you in getting YOUR life back to the sweetest place ever!

As a health coach, Tavia strives to make BIG changes in your life by guiding you through small habit changes and uncovering the ‘why’ you are not experiencing wellness. Small changes equal lasting habits that change your life forever! I take pride in being a good listener, holding no judgment and welcoming all with an open heart.

If you are sick and tired and what you have been doing isn’t getting the results you want, then let’s talk!

I welcome all people from all walks of life and I look forward to getting to the heart of your “Sweet Life” you deserve and desire.

Tavia Morse-Salvadalena , B.S., CHC, CLC, HMBA, FNLP

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