Tavia talks with Ketra about all things Hypnosis. Ketra discussed her story as well as how hypnosis can help people work thru their past trauma.

We discuss the myths around what hypnosis is and how it can truly benefit any person who needs to heal emotionally and physically. Furthermore, hypnosis can help people with : stress, relationship issues, weight loss, self-esteem, sleep problems, empowerment, stop smoking, and overall habit and behavior changes.

 Ketra Thompson specifically helps people discover their self-worth by changing their internal emotional triggers which are currently harming the dynamics of their relationships. Through reframing their subconscious belief system, and getting to the heart of what drives unwanted patterns, Ketra’s clients create life-long transformations through customized hypnosis and in her Relational Connection program. As a hypnotist and Relational Connection Coach, Ketra has also taught everything from marriage classes to parenting classes to divorce recovery. Her YouTube tutorials have reached thousands and she is known for her “Boundary bad-ass” method of relational healing. When she is not helping others to empower themselves she is hanging with her family, snuggling with her dog and photographing the sunrise.

You can find Ketra on Youtube@ketra thompson Hypnosis

Or email: ketrathompsonhypnosis@gmail.com

Website: www.Ketrathompson.com

You can find tavia @ IG #healthcoachtavia or  https://sweetcoachtavia.com/ 

Mike Saunders, MBA

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