Chris Knight is an entrepreneur and a businesswoman who is changing lives. Chris is also a wife to her husband Tim who has been married for 38 years. They have 7 kids, and 23 grandkids as well.

In this episode Chris talks about how she was burned out on life and working for her husbands printing business. She was sick and tired and ready for something different in life.  One day an angel walked into her printing business invited her to a doctor speaking in town about a new technology. 

Chris talks about how taking a chance on something new- changed her and her family’s life forever.

Chris introduces a new kind of ‘sugar’ called Glyconutrients and talks about how they modulate the immune system. This is a new kind of ‘food” that helps your body do what It is meant to do. IF your immune system is low, this can help! If your immune system is attacking itself, this can help!

Chris took this product and changed not only her families life, but has continued to build a six figure income changing others lives.

Chris is a field trainer for the American Nutraceutical Association, She is also a Health & nutrition consultant that specializes in Glycosolation, Glyconutrition and cellular communication. 

You can find Chris traveling with her family, spending time in the sun and working on construction projects in her spare time.


To learn more about glyconutrients and how they can help your health.

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