In this episode, Coach Tavia talks about her hidden health problem associated with her mouth.

Tavia talks about her journey of finding the toxic nightmares that were causing her to be sicker.

There are 3 major things that Tavia had to address in order to get her immune system and suggests that you too look at when your health is not getting well.

Tavia talks about 4 major concerns when it comes to mouth and dental health:

The following topics are covered;

  • Amalgam fillings or silver fillings that can cause your immune system to become more overactive. Amalgam fillings contain mercury and can prevent you from getting well
  • TMJ and Jaw health: The way your jaw is in alignment will affect your, having teeth extracted can affect your jaw health.
  •  Root canals: Root canals are ultimately dead teeth. Root canals can leak toxins and infection back into the blood stream.
  •  A dental Cavitations are caused by extracting a tooth- usually a wisdom tooth. Cavitations are holes in the jaw bone that have infection harboring. Cavitations can cause little to no pain for some but to most there is inflammation throughout the whole body that can prevent healing.

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Mike Saunders, MBA

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