In this episode, I interview Dr. Harmon

Dr Harmon had been a chiropractor for twenty-two years in Boise, Idaho.

However, when his family had some severe trauma in March of 2010 and March of 2011 he started to change how he wanted to help people.  He experienced both suicide and murder in his family with led to his younger daughters then having battling depression, anxiety and insomnia.

After he saw four years of prescription meds and counseling weren’t working, he decided to find things that could help his daughters. This led to the founding of Clear Mind Center- where they help people get their brains right!

Doctor Harmon explains how Microcurrent Neurofeedback resets the speed of delta waves so that the parasympathetic portion of the autonomic nervous system can function again. After head and emotional trauma or chemical exposure, our delta waves slow down and cannon run the parasympathetic system.

Doctor Harmon discusses why he believes the future of medicine is Frequency. We are all made of energy frequencies and we our frequencies get disrupted by trauma or stress, we become a body of sickness. Doctor Harmon puts the connection between genetic testing, bio neurofeedback and stem cells and how those 3 technologies are changing the lives he sees in his practice today.

Tune in to learn about this new stem cell patch that turns on stem cell activation. X-39 patch turned on the GHK-Cu peptide and essentially turns on the body’s own stem cells. Doctor Harmon shares the science behind these patented products that are available now.

By the age of 65 your stem cells production have declined by 60% , this is why this technology is so revolutionary. Learn why you need these in your life now!

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