In this episode, I sit down and talk to Scott leeper about his mission to help veterans change their lives. Scott has been helping veterans access their unconscious minds to make effective, lasting, positive changes in their lives.  Scott Leeper founded of the Alpha Lima Charlie Foundation and is hitting the ground running. After navigating his own life-altering challenges while serving in the United States Marine Corps, Scott made the decision to grow from his diagnoses of depression, anxiety and chronic PTSD.  As a result of his own personal growth, Scott developed Alpha Lima Charlie, which is a company that utilizes a peer-based environment to coach veterans through their challenges.  Scott’s work with veterans bridges the gap between mental health professionals and veterans, while assisting veterans to shift from a negative mindset to a growth mindset and achieve a happier, more fulfilled life after the military.

In this episode, Scott tells me the huge need that veterans have for “what’s next” in life after military life. He talks about not only his own struggles with civilian life, but others as well.  Scott talks about the after life of  going from a structured lifestyle with rules to finding your place in this world after military life. The struggle to find your place in the world post war and PTSD is a huge amongst veterans. Also even active duty military have their struggles internally. Scott has found his niche in helping these men and women finding their purpose in life.

Scott is on the right path and has certainly found a way to communicate with military in a way that is making significant changes in people’s lives. Scott shares some personal stories of his own clients that have made miraculous changes.  Listen in and learn how you can share the ALPHA LIMA CHARLIE foundation. Get involved, share and let’s all support our Veterans out there.

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