In this podcast episode Tavia takes you back in time and shares her journey of having dental cavitation surgery. This is Part 2 to episode #14 the hidden health problems in your mouth

Tune in to hear what her experience was at her most recent oral  surgery she had on October 27th at a holistic dental clinic in Mill Valley, CA.

Tavia talks about the unique holistic treatments she received like: Ozone, Vitamin C IV, Homeopatic remedies and more that helped her heal in less than a week with no complications. No antibiotics were needed.

Dental cavitations are hidden infections left inside the jaw socket where wisdom teeth or other extracted teeth are removed.  Over time, these areas stockpile viruses, bacteria and even parasite that can prevent a person from getting well. Furthermore these cavitations have been corelated to certain cancers in the body as well as auto immune diseases.


You can find tavia @ IG #healthcoachtavia


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