Listen to the story of resiliency and hard work- and how 1 day changed her life forever.

Jeanette is a Registered Nurse (RN of 32 years, an ACE personal trainer, a nutritional specialist, and a woman with a passion for making her dreams come true.

In this podcast, we discuss how ONE day changed the life of Jeanette and her husband dramatically. A company she and her husband relied on for income for 13 years collapsed and they had to start all over. Jeanette describes this horrific day and how her faith in God and having the support of her tribe got her through.

Jeannette and Her husband Bob had to rebuild everything that they created and decided to do things differently moving forward, How? By creating not just one stream of income by multiple!!!

Jeanette talks about her lessons learned and what she is doing differently now and is living her life with passion and purpose all while sharing the good things with others.

Jeannette’s background of being a nurse comes thru in this podcast, she just wants to help others in this world and says you have to” listen to the power in your heart” Nothing is easy and things can change right before your eyes. What gets Jeanette thru the hard life lessons are her daily reminders, affirmations, and devotions she reads.

Sit back and listen to a truly inspirational interview of true grit and resilience Jeanette had to do to get her family’s life back on track.

In her free time, Jeanette loves to work out, spend time with her family, friends and share about the magic of a product called “BIO” that has changed her health too.


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