In this podcast episode I interview Christina Popovic, a business consultant  who is dedicated to helping women thrive on purpose and in business

 She is a Navy Veteran, a  fierce mother of two tiny humans Reina 1 and Liam 7) and a Navy wife to her husband Chris of 10 years.

Christina is passionate about helping women step into their boldness and power with faith.

Her passion is to see women accomplish their dreams and their financial goals. Christina leads by example that anything is possible.

 Christina talks about her struggles that she had with post pardum after baby #2 and the steps she had to take to get back to finding her true self.

Christina also talks about her strong faith for God and how that also helped her get through the difficult time.

 Christina has coached many other fabulous ladies with there health and life coaching business over the years.

 Listen up and find out how Christina she overcame her post pardum, depression and finally led her to finding her true passion- helping ladies with their life journey! 

You can reach her at : IG handle: @ christina.popovic


Coach Tavia is a business entrepreneur, a real estate mogul, a wife, a dog mom, and has a passion for helping people.

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