In this episode, Tavia discusses how searching for answers to your health can be like a magical scavenger hunt. In other words, many people go years undiagnosed and they go from one “shiny” magic potion or pill to another and yet still don’t get better.

After spending hundreds sometimes thousands of dollars, and yet no clear path to getting well can be exhausting if you are fighting a chronic illness.
Both Tavia and Ryan know firsthand what that is like.

If you are tired of ‘chasing shiny objects” when it comes to your health, then listen up,

Ryan tells you how to stop the chase and start the fight to getting well now.


Ryan Syverson is a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN-P) Practitioner and Transformational Health Coach who helps men and women with Fibromyalgia, Mold, and Lyme disease overcome their pain, restore their energy, and return to living a more active and fulfilling life.

Before starting his coaching practice 4 years ago, Ryan spent 7 years researching and acquiring multiple alternative medicine certifications to help him address his own battle with Fibromyalgia, Lyme Disease, and Mold.  After successfully overcoming these ailments, Ryan combined his experience and the principles of mind-body and functional medicine into a program, which now helps his clients overcome their complex, chronic issues after many other methods have failed.

Ryan enjoys playing golf, weightlifting, food, and going on adventures with his wife and Goldendoodle, Taco.

Ryan is available for group and 1-on-1 coaching, and you can find him on Instagram @ryan__syverson, Facebook or email:

You can find tavia @ IG #healthcoachtavia or 

Mike Saunders, MBA

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