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Michael Blank is a full-time entrepreneur, investor and coach. He is passionate about helping people become financially free. Michael is the owner of NightHawk Equity and currently controls over $65 million in performing multifamily assets all over in the United States. He is the host of “Apartment Building Investing with Michael Blank” and regularly writes for […]

COVID – 19 and Property Management

If you own a property, how do you keep your residents happy and stay safe?  All common areas are closed.  How does social distancing hurt your property?  Vinney goes into detail on what to expect and how to handle this situation that keeps your reputation as a syndicator/owner and how you can keep your multi-family […]

Why You Need To Invest in Real Estate NOW – with Bill Manassero

Today’s guest is real estate expert Bill Manassero. Bill Manassero is the host and top dog of The Old Dawg’s REI Network, a blog and weekly podcast for people 50 years and older who are using real estate investing as a means to fund their retirement years and create a legacy for their children and […]

Top 5 Mistakes in Multi-Family

No one goes into their first couple deals without making a few mistakes. Vinney gives all kinds of examples of mistakes that he has made in his business and how you can learn from them.  The right place, time, efforts, and discipline will make or break your multi-family business. Choose your partners wisely Area of […]

Taking Control of Your Financial Future with Systems and Multi-Family Expert Dan Hanford

Dan Handford is our guest this week. He is a managing partner with He has led his apartment syndication company to acquire 2,000+ units with a portfolio valued over $220mil in just under 24 months. Like I said a systems expert. He is also a passive apartment investor himself in 4,590+ units in 19 […]

NO MONEY – NO PROBLEM – How to Buy Your First Property in Multi-Family

How do you get a multi-family property with no money? Pick up Vinney’s book and find out. Or listen up and pay attention.  Vinney goes into how he got his first property and how you can get yours.  Are brokers important? Credibility kits are key! Know the language.  What percentage are you in closing deals? […]

How TO Finance Your First Deal in Multi-Family

What do you need to have in place to close your fist commercial property? Well, guys listen up because Vinney gives all the goods to finance your first deal.  Learn the tricks of the trade from a multi-family/commercial real estate guru.  A great podcast if you are new to the business and trying to get […]

Who Is On Your Team?

Having the right people in place is extremely important to the success of your syndication business.  Vinney goes into detail on what you are looking for when it comes to working with someone and building your team.  How having a partner you can trust in your business is the most important.  Having a good business […]

More Money More Taxes

How do taxes affect a multi-family deal?  Listen up and find out the tricks of the trade.  Is it worth hiring someone to do your taxes?  Vinney says it is a necessity.  He goes into detail on what depreciates and what doesn’t.  What is straight-line depreciation?  Dirt is dirt! CAPEX Depreciation You don’t pay taxes […]

Do You Qualify?

Today’s show is all about qualifying for a loan in the multi-family business.  It is scary to qualify for a big enough loan to buy a multi-family property.  Vinney talks about the big elephant in the room.  How do you qualify?  Vinney goes through the truth of investing in the multi-family/syndication world.  What is the […]

How To Grow Your Investor Base Fast I dig into Vinney’s expertise on how the beginners get investors.  We go int the step by step on how to build your brand and get investors without messing up with the SEC.  He goes through what you need to start and what to do once you get the basics down to get investors.  […]

How Do You Increase Your Investments NOI?

Mr. Chopra explains the importance of NOI and how to increase the net operating income.  He also explains how NOI is different from net operating cash.  The total rental income should be as close to the market rent as possible.  Occupancy is key, and if you are buying 97% means you need to bring up […]

Raising Money, Social Media and the SEC with Kim Lisa Taylor!

This week, Vinney and I had the privilege to have Kim Lisa Taylor, Vinney’s go-to SEC attorney on the show.  Vinney and Kim have done 26 syndications together.  She gives the do’s and don’ts of the syndication rules when it comes to complying with the rules of the SEC.  Kim explains the difference in how […]

Where is Vinney NOW?

With over 14 years of real estate expertise behind him, this year has brought so many opportunities and successes to Vinney.  In this episode, Vinney explains how he was prepared for 2019 and was excited to find his preparation paid off.  Vinney has bought several big syndication deals in Flordia with Enzo Multifamily, a business […]

Don’t Mess with SEC……. Are You in Trouble?

Vinney, with 27 syndications under his belt makes him extremely experienced when working with investing other people’s money.  Vinney gives great advice only, but he is not an SEC attorney. Vinney goes into the differences and opportunities that are available when investing in real estate.  You have to play by the rules, and the rules […]

From Restaurant Owner to Financial Freedom using Multi-Family Investments

A special guest co-founder of Jake and Gino. Gino Barbaro a true entrepreneur, investor, business owner, not including the best selling author of 2 books and author of the new book The Honey Bee. Vinney and I get into detail with Gino on the why and how he became a multi-family expert with a portfolio […]

Tax Benefits for Multifamily – Do You Know the Secret?

Death and Taxes, that’s what they say!  Vinney goes into everything from single-family to multifamily and explains that in certain states, the taxes are different.  Some states have a state tax, and some do not.  Which sounds good, but you usually pay more in these states in property tax.  The real estate tax is different […]


When will the big crash happen?  Vinney and I go into detail on where the market is now and where Mr. Chopra thinks the market is going.  Vinney talks about the BIG 11-year BULL and how he thinks this will affect the market.  We discuss everything from what happened in 2008 and what to expect […]

Are You Prepared for Property Take OVER! Multifamily Done Right Vinney says, “ taking over a multifamily property is like taking over a very expensive set of keys.” You need to have several things lined up before the takeover. Who is going to be the property manager?  How are you going to find the right one that is going to run the investment right? […]

The First $50M in Multi-Family Acquisitions with Dylan Marma Dylan Marma and Mr. Chopra crossed passed a little over two years ago. Dylan born and raised in upstate New York has jumped into the real estate world and not looked back.  When Vinney and Dylan met, Dylan had already caught the real estate bug and also new learning from someone like Vinney that […]

Find The Listing Path – With Mr. Chopra The key is to build great relationships with the brokers. This way, they will want to give you the cream of the crop. Vinney explains when your new, the brokers are going to test you and to see if you are serious. So, even if they send you a not so great deal, make […]

Should I Write an LOI? Bring your business to the next level with Mr. Chopra.  We have a good one for you guys this week! Retrades and LOI= Letter of Intent – to purchase.  Vinney explains that an LOI is something that is done after a long list of research.  A letter of intent is a document, not binding, […]

Multifamily To Do or Not To Do – Featuring TJ Hines Today, Vinney and I have a special guest TJ Hines.  TJ Hines also know as “Mr. Flipperhouse”.  TJ Hines has a long history in wholesaling and flipping homes and has now come to play with the big boys in multifamily.  TJ has some incredible incite on the benefits of switching from wholesaling to multifamily.  […]

How to Analyze a Deal? Grab a Pen and Paper You got a deal from a broker, now what?  What are the first steps when analyzing a deal?  It all depends on how it is packaged.  Get the address, school district, crime reports, demographics and so much more.  Make sure you segment on where you are asking the brokers to look.  You must be […]

Why Multifamily – Vinney’s Investment Philosophy

What is Vinney’s Chopra’s investment philosophy and why multifamily?  When did the light bulb come on?  Vinney shares the details of what apartment syndication is and where to find the money. With an 18 to 26% returns on average, no wonder why his investors love his investment philosophy. What is the difference between flipping 20 […]

Buyer’s Market VS Seller’s Market – Always Make sure There is Meat ON THE BONE. Find the market cycle and make sure there is meat on the bone.  Vinney talks about what all is involved when you take over a property. There are many different steps involved from taking over the staff to making sure the tenants can pay their rent.  “Think positive – Think Big and it will […]

Overcoming Objections – I LOVE OBJECTIONS!

“When you are passionate about something time does not matter”, according to Vinney.  What is an objection?  Vinney says one should be happy to get an objection and it is key to getting a deal.  Learn to love the “NO’s”!  Do the numbers.  Use the word NO to explain why the answer is YES!  Vinney […]

Is it a Sellers Market or a Buyers Market?

Get Vinney’s input on the BUYERS MARKET- which means a high supply of inventory.  Did you know, as a buyer, you can dictate the terms of the deal? Vinney tells me his philosophy on what the reasons are for sellers selling a good investment and why is it important to always be out there looking […]

Property Management – Do You Have What it Takes?

This week Vinney aka MR. SMILES talks about property management.  Is this something you should take on if you are new to the syndication business?  Mr. Smiles will give up the goods on what your options are when you are just starting out and what your end goal should be when it comes to property […]

OPM-How to Grow Your BUSINESS

This week Vinny Chopra also know as Mr. Smiles talks about “OPM” also known as other people’s money.  He will discuss how important it is to take care of your investors and why “OPM” is the only way to make money in the apartment syndication business.  He will end our weekly power talk with his […]


Today’s episode is about brokers.  To use or not to use?  Vinney goes into great detail on how brokers can make or break your apartment syndication business. Vinney will explain how important a good broker is and how they will also test you.  Brokers want to know that you are a big player and want […]

Syndication Blueprint – Your Investment Blueprint will Make You or Break you!

Do you have a blueprint for your syndication business?  If you don’t then you need to listen to this show because Vinney who has done more than $300,000,000 in apartment syndications has a blueprint that he is not only going to share with you but explain his process in detail. Vinney explains why he wishes […]

Identifying Emerging Markets

In today’s episode, Mr. Smiles explains what to look for when looking for a market to invest in.  What an emerging market and sub-market is.  Why it is important to do your research on the market you invest in and what are the key elements to look for.  He ends this powerful educational conversation with […]

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