Today’s episode is about brokers.  To use or not to use?  Vinney goes into great detail on how brokers can make or break your apartment syndication business. Vinney will explain how important a good broker is and how they will also test you.  Brokers want to know that you are a big player and want to close deals.  Some brokers are great and some are not.  How do you tell the difference?

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  • Do you want a pocket deal or a napkin deal?
  • Will brokers test you?
  • As an investor do you test them?
  • How far does a broker get involved in a deal?
  • What to look for when a broker gives you a deal to look at?

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Alicia Williams-Dibrell

Alicia Williams-Dibrell is a Best Selling Author and a host of Business Innovators Radio.

Vinney (Smile) Chopra

Vinney Chopra (Mr. Smiles) came to the US from India with $7 in his pocket. As a MultiFamily Syndication expert, he has acquired and manages a very successful real estate investment portfolio worth over $300 million. Vinney has been a professional Fundraising Consultant and Motivational Speaker for