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25. Client Audits and What We Look For

If you ever wondered how our audit process works and what we do when we bring on new clients and what we look for, today’s episode is perfect for you. Not only are businesses qualifying us, but we also qualify them just as much when we are doing an audit. We want to let the […]

24. Fatal Mistakes Clients Ask Agencies to Make

We’re talking about this today because we’ve got tons of experience with these types of situations, these scenarios. And we’re not going to get walked all over, we’re not going to get blamed for things that are not our fault. This episode is about being respected. If you disrespect high performers, they can get upset […]

23. Attribution and How It’s Different

We’re talking about attribution models for your ads and specifically one main attribution model, which is what Eric’s developed, so we can give our customers a view-through attribution model with Facebook so they can see their numbers inside of the dashboard. Well, not inside of the Facebook dashboard, but inside of the dashboard that Eric’s […]

22. The Latest and Greatest with HighLevel

HighLevel helps agencies and marketers thrive with their all-in-one sales and marketing platform. If you have an agency and you haven’t heard about HighLevel yet, you have to listen to this episode. And if you have heard of it, or are one of the quickly growing agencies who are using it, then you need to […]

21. Shopify Store Optimization that Works with Tanner Larsson and Build Grow Scale

Getting traffic to your ecom site isn’t an issue, especially when you’re working with us. But converting that traffic into customers is an entirely different ball game. A while back, we saw many of our clients struggling to get the conversions they wanted, so we joined Tanner Larsson and the Build Grow Scale (BGS) community […]

20. Agency Roles: Who’s Responsible?

When we work with companies, we are a partner. We work with them as a partner and in certain industries, there are agencies like ours outside of internal or in-house company staff or resources that can do a better job. And so, there can be more value for the company to hire out than to […]

19. Advanced E-Commerce Analytics Designed to Help You Grow with Austin Harrison of Northbeam

Advanced E-Commerce Analytics Designed to Help You Grow with Austin Harrison of Northbeam Has the Apple iOS update has impacted your ads? Across the board, this has made click tracking much more difficult. Do you want to continue to grow your business but are at a bit of a loss because your analytics are now […]

18. Google versus Facebook for Ads

The reason we’re doing Facebook versus Google is because we get questions like this all the time, about this topic. Should I be doing Google? Should I be doing Facebook? Should I be doing both? We’re going to go through all that today in this episode and answer that for you. And there’s no better […]

17. Are Masterminds Important for Your Business?

A mastermind group is a group of peers who regularly meet in order to give each other guidance, advice, and support. It is no secret that mastermind groups are essential to operating a successful business, growing your business entity, and achieving your goals and dreams. Keep in mind that the ultimate goal of these meetings […]

16. Images vs Videos with Facebook Ads, Who Wins?

Today we’re talking about images versus videos with Facebook ads. An interesting topic that we deal with every single day. We hear this question every day, “Do I need videos?” Yes, you do need videos. We’re going to get into a lot of cool stuff in today’s episode about images versus videos, mainly about videos […]

15. Landing Page Strategies Proven to Help Improve Conversions

Today we’re talking about landing pages that convert. Oh man, this is one of the most important things about driving traffic to people’s offer right now. This is an insightful episode. We’re not going to cover a ton of different things, but some important strategies and things that you can think about, and to make […]

14. iOS Reporting: How Multi-Channel Tracking Can Continue to Effectively Retarget with Scott Degrosseilliers of Wicked Reports

Do you want to optimize ad spend and increase marketing ROI by scaling winners and cutting losers? Are you concerned, and you should be, about how the impending Apple iOS update will impact your ads? Jason and Eric talk to Scott Degrosseilliers of Wicked Reports about their solution to your problems. With Wicked Reports, ROI […]

13. Do You Want To Bring Your Ads “In-House?”

We don’t charge our clients because we want their money. We charge because we’re worth it and we’ll grow their business. Yep. That’s it. Today, we’re going to share some stories about those who thought they could bring their ads management “in-house” and why that doesn’t always work out so well. One cool thing to […]

12. Data Wars – Apple is Tracking You

There’s this banner going out, Apple saying, “We’re the good guy.” But here’s what bothers us about this big iOS update. Essentially Apple is saying you guys are bad guys for sharing all this data, but then they are tracking all of our data and they’re using that data to make lots of money.In today’s […]

11. Charging for Additional Agency Services

Do we sell additional “Agency Services?” Sometimes. We focus on Facebook and Instagram ads, that’s what we specialize in, that’s what our superpower is, and that’s what we do the best. But we always get asked by clients and we get referrals, “Hey, do you build landing pages? Do you do this, or do you […]

10. Apple iOS Update: What Is Happening & What To Do

We’re unpacking the iOS Apple 14 update and how it’s going to affect Facebook ads and what we can do about it. This is a huge topic right now. Eric Bork, VP of Operations at Spotlight Social Advertising joins Jason, “The first time we found out about it, which was months ago, we were a […]

9: What’s a Good Cost Per Lead?

Today I’m discussing a question I get asked multiple times every day. What is a good cost per lead? There’s not an easy answer and if you’re getting a quick number from someone that doesn’t know your business, you can’t trust it. In today’s episode, I talk about the data and numbers that businesses should […]

8: Generating Trust in Client Relationships with Kyle Brothersen

Kyle Brothersen is the Founder of Dirt Bike Channel, where he shares bike and gear reviews, as well as how-to and trail ride videos to fellow dirt bike enthusiasts. Today we talk about our advertiser – client relationship and how Facebook ads have transformed his business. Kyle Brothersen started Dirt Bike Channel as a hobby […]

7: The Importance of Failing with Ralph Burns of Tier 11

Ralph Burns is the Founder of Tier 11, a wildly successful Facebook and Instagram ads agency. Today we talk about the certification course I attended, when I was brand new to social media marketing. I was a newbie but everyone saw my drive and determination that week during the training, which eventually helped me land […]

6: How YouTube / Google Ad Strategies and Facebook Ads work Hand-in-Hand with Chris Brewer

Chris Brewer from OMG Commerce joins me today, and we break down some super powerful ad strategies involving his specialty, Google, and YouTube ads. It’s unreal how much they enhance the effectiveness of Facebook ads and vice versa. Chris is the co-founder of OMG Commerce. His company has risen to the level that less than […]

5: Leveraging Chatbot Strategies and Facebook Ad Campaigns with Mary Kathryn Johnson

Today we’re talking about really high-level chatbots with one of the industry experts, Mary Kathryn Johnson who is here to show us how chatbots can be a huge success of growing your business, and scaling your business. Mary is the CEO and founder of Messenger Funnels and has been nicknamed the “ChatBot Mom” because she’s […]

4: This Team Grows Businesses with Killer Ad Campaigns

Alright, today I’m introducing you to my uber-talented Spotlight Social Advertising Team. These guys know how to get sh*t done and grow businesses. It’s amazing what we’ve been able to accomplish and I’m so proud of them. During this story-filled episode, we pull back the curtain and even reveal new things we didn’t even know […]

3: Getting My Ads Agency Off the Ground with Deacon Bradley

Hey everybody, today I have somebody on the show today that really helped me get my Facebook ad agency off the ground. I’m super grateful for everything that Deacon Bradley did for me and continues to do for me actually, but really, in the beginning, he was an integral part of my agency getting started. […]

2: How to Build a Successful Digital Agency with Jason Swenk

Jason Swenk joins me today for this super insightful episode. We go deep into his story and how he found success as an “accidental” digital marketing agency owner. It’s pretty damn impressive. And now I am super fortunate to be able to call him a close friend and colleague. We also dive into what he’s […]

1: I Want to Tell You Things About Facebook Ads that No One Else is Telling You

Hey everybody, how are you doing? This is Jason Smith, and I want to thank you so much for tuning in to our first episode of The Truth About Social Ads. I’ve been putting this off and wanting to do a podcast for a long time, and finally, we took the plunge, and here we […]

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