Do you want to optimize ad spend and increase marketing ROI by scaling winners and cutting losers? Are you concerned, and you should be, about how the impending Apple iOS update will impact your ads?

Jason and Eric talk to Scott Degrosseilliers of Wicked Reports about their solution to your problems. With Wicked Reports, ROI and LTV are calculated at the channel, campaign, and ad level for high-level directional guidance and campaign-level optimizations.

They map attribution models to marketing campaign goals so you can measure and act on marketing’s impact on the top, middle, and bottom of the funnel.
Jason and Eric swear by Wicked Reports and say, “We’ve really researched the best solution and Wicked [Reports] is what we believe the best solution for the iOS update and your ad tracking.”

Listen to this highly informative episode and learn why this is one of the best ad tracking software options out there, and how it works. Listen as Scot explains and tells the story of his journey, from building databases on his Commodore64, to helping create the first Dominos Pizza online order, to creating this highly effective data tracking and marketing management powerhouse.

Also, we’re in the trenches every day running ads. If anyone’s struggling with the Apple update out there. We have a resource for you go to our website, a download on everything you need to do for the checklist.

Apple has pushed the release of the iOS 14 Facebook update, so, we have a little bit more time. We’re going to talk about this in another episode, but get the checklist so you can be prepared.

Notes and more here: https://www.spotlightsocialadvertising.com/14
More about Wicked Reports here: https://www.wickedreports.com/
Scott’s story here: https://www.wickedreports.com/our-story
Get the Apple Update Checklist: https://www.spotlightsocialadvertising.com/ios

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