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Ep# 10 A Time for Action with Dr. G

Giovanna Brasfield (Dr. G) has been raising her hand for the construction industry for two decades and when her hand goes up, she does not put it down until she sees results! Dr. G is an accomplished diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) advocate with over 18 years of experience in construction. Her focus is on […]

Ep# 9 Laying the Groundwork with Jennifer Green

Jennifer Green has been labeled as a fearless trailblazer and glass ceiling breaker for women in non-traditional careers, and continues to advocate and be a leader in the skilled trades community. Through passion, dedication and mentorship, Jennifer has a rich history of breaking new ground and destroying stigmas. She is an influential leader with extensive […]

Ep# 8 Staying Ahead of the Game with Casey Grey

In this inspirational podcast, Jeremy and Valerie learn how a unique, introspective and mindful leadership style is the key with special guest Casey Grey! He reminds us to embrace and lean into change. “I think from anything that I’ve learned in all my personal development over the years is that there’s only one constant, and […]

Ep# 7 The Road Less Traveled with Brent Darnell

In this important episode, Hosts Jeremy and Valerie Owens welcome special guest Brent Darnell to discuss the crossroads that the construction industry finds itself in. In many ways, the construction industry is still getting away with many ‘old ways’ of doing things, while it seems much of the world is advancing in terms of inclusion, […]

Ep# 6 A First-Hand Look at A True Hero’s Journey With Dr. Sally Spencer-Thomas

In this important episode, Hosts Jeremy and Valerie Owens welcome special guest Sally Spencer-Thomas to discuss the sensitive topic of mental health, suicide trends, and prevention in the construction industry. We had the honor of speaking with Spencer-Thomas, who is a clinical psychologist, international mental-health advocate and speaker, researcher, and suicide loss survivor. Sally lost […]

Ep# 5 The Importance of Writing Your Own Story with Rich Noonan

In this episode, Hosts Jeremy and Valerie Owens welcome special guest Rich Noonan to discuss the power of online reviews, the importance of maintaining an updated website, and the importance of taking the time and initiative in telling the story about your business through video. Noonan details how his unique background in investigative journalism, as […]

Ep# 4 Entering the Golden Age of Innovation in Construction with René Morkos

In this episode Hosts Jeremy and Valerie Owens discuss the current status of innovation and digitization in the construction industry with special guest René Morkos.  René details how his unique background, upbringing, education, and experience all led him to create & actualize ALICE Technologies. Using AI technology, ALICE and René are blazing the trail of […]

Ep# 3 Leadership and Networking Principles with Sunny Pinhero

In this episode, hosts Jeremy and Valerie Owens discuss leadership and networking principles with special guest Sunny Pinhero. If you have not yet heard of Sunny Pinhero of Pinhero Construction, Inc, you will want to check out this podcast to learn a thing or two about Sunny’s take on growth and leadership! Sunny has led his team […]

Ep# 2 Helping the Industry Move Forward with Tony Rader

In this episode Hosts Jeremy and Valerie Owens lay discuss the serious challenges that the construction industry is facing including the labor shortage, new infrastructure bill, and the need for more technology in construction with special guest Tony Rader.  Tony Rader discusses how National Roofing Partners (NRP) is using drone technology to make his labor […]

Ep# 1 US Construction Zone, An Open Invitation for the Future of the Construction Industry.

In this episode Hosts Jeremy and Valerie Owens lay the foundation for the upcoming launch of US Construction Zone (USCZ). US Construction Zone is a digital networking platform that is designed for business management, entrepreneurs, decision-makers, executives, leaders in the industry, and all those who aim to improve the field of construction.  US Construction Zone […]

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