In this inspirational podcast, Jeremy and Valerie learn how a unique, introspective and mindful leadership style is the key with special guest Casey Grey! He reminds us to embrace and lean into change. “I think from anything that I’ve learned in all my personal development over the years is that there’s only one constant, and that constant is change. Everything changes in the world, right? So the more comfortable you are changing, I think the better off you’ll be in life because things are always going to change. And it’s just a matter of how we accept it and how we adapt and how we keep moving forward.” Gray explained. 

Leaning into change, asking more thoughtful questions, and filling the controllable moments in his life with positivity and mindfulness was the start, but Grey’s curiosity for the future is inspiring him now. It is safe to say that Casey Grey is the type of leader that we need right now in the construction industry, and you can bet, we will be watching, supporting, and digesting his content in hopes that we can stay ahead of the game just like he does!


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Matthew Loughran

Matthew is a highly accomplished Senior Executive andC-Suite Officer in the FinTech and financial services industry. Matthew holds a B.S. in Biology and Marketing from Loyola University Maryland; and an Executive M.B.A. from Washington State University.