In this episode of “In the Zone,” host Jeremy Owens, owner and founder of US Construction Zone and 3 Generations Improvements, dives into the topic of “Bridging the Generational Gap” in the workplace. The episode features expert guest Megan Wollerton, owner of Lifeforce Wellness, who brings her extensive background in health, wellness, and corporate wellness programs to the table. The discussion focuses on understanding the characteristics, values, and workplace behaviors of different generations—from Baby Boomers to Gen Z—and the importance of creating a more inclusive, understanding, and effective work environment across generational divides.

Show Notes:

  • Introduction of the Topic: Jeremy introduces the theme of bridging the generational gap, emphasizing the need for better understanding and respect among Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z in the workplace.
  • Sponsor Segment: A shout-out to build12.com for sponsoring the episode and how it’s revolutionizing efficiency in the construction business through automation.
  • Guest Introduction: Megan Wollerton, a multifaceted wellness expert, shares her journey from the oil and gas industry to founding Lifeforce Wellness, highlighting the importance of addressing burnout and promoting health and wellness in the corporate world.
  • Discussion Highlights:
    • Understanding Generational Characteristics: Insight into what defines each generation and how historical contexts have shaped their workplace attitudes and behaviors.
    • Challenges and Solutions: Addressing common workplace challenges faced by different generations, such as burnout, work-life balance, and the need for mentorship and purpose-driven work.
    • The Role of Health and Wellness: The importance of a holistic approach to employee wellness, including mental health, positive psychology, and resilience training, in improving workplace culture and productivity.
    • Embracing Diversity and Inclusion: Strategies for fostering a more inclusive work environment that values the unique contributions and needs of workers from different generational backgrounds.
  • Closing Thoughts: Jeremy and Megan reflect on the importance of giving each generation grace and space for better understanding and collaboration in the workplace.

Matthew Loughran

Matthew is a highly accomplished Senior Executive andC-Suite Officer in the FinTech and financial services industry. Matthew holds a B.S. in Biology and Marketing from Loyola University Maryland; and an Executive M.B.A. from Washington State University.