In this episode Hosts Jeremy and Valerie Owens discuss the current status of innovation and digitization in the construction industry with special guest René Morkos. 

René details how his unique background, upbringing, education, and experience all led him to create & actualize ALICE Technologies. Using AI technology, ALICE and René are blazing the trail of innovation in construction. Rene explains, “The thing that we did with ALICE, and this is the part that’s kind of remarkable, ALICE understands how to build stuff! So think about that – ALICE knows what a crane is. ALICE knows what a crew is. ALICE knows what overtime is. ALICE understands what the production rate is. ALICE is a generative simulator…She actually moves resources around, shuffles up to space and time to build your object.”

René loves what he does and continues to inspire us all with his determination to create a lasting legacy, stating, “I want to leave behind a field that is more capable of being a cutting edge, high tech, research-focused field.” He offers us the assurance that the industry is in good hands with influencers and leaders like him that are willing and ready to digitize this industry and redefine what it means to build! 

Learn about Jeremy and Valerie’s journey, why they have decided to launch this industry asset to better the community at large through mentorship, peer education, and thought leadership.  

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Matthew Loughran

Matthew is a highly accomplished Senior Executive andC-Suite Officer in the FinTech and financial services industry. Matthew holds a B.S. in Biology and Marketing from Loyola University Maryland; and an Executive M.B.A. from Washington State University.