Part of the Construction Executives Live Series

Is a recession looming? Learn insights from industry experts and learn how understanding your financial numbers could prepare and equip you for upcoming challenges.

Duane Barney helps Remodeler’s make more money by building a sustainable business model so they can achieve their dreams. 

Duane has lived and breathed residential construction for more than 30 years. He worked his way up as a carpenter, superintendent, project manager, and President of four separate companies. Along the way, Duane saw first-hand that being a great builder isn’t enough to have a great construction business. He discovered that he is just as passionate about teaching builders how to construct a great business so they can have a great life too.

Abe Degnan is president, visionary designer, and leader of Degnan Design Builders. Abe is passionate about leadership, community service, and his family. A proud father of 6 kids, he’d love to share his family’s passion for orphan hosting and adoption! Please read about this on his LinkedIn profile.

In getting to know Abe, there is one thing that is undeniable, he is selfless and has a deep desire to take care of his family, clients, staff and the community he serves!

Matthew Loughran

Matthew is a highly accomplished Senior Executive andC-Suite Officer in the FinTech and financial services industry. Matthew holds a B.S. in Biology and Marketing from Loyola University Maryland; and an Executive M.B.A. from Washington State University.