Tiffany Thomson, Founder, Fight The Good Fight Foundation, discussed how the Build It Forward Movement can raise money to build safe houses worldwide. Thomson said, “We can no longer be silent, we need to raise our voice and be heard.”

According to Thomson, there are less than 700 beds in the United States & only 35 beds in Texas and depending on their age, that without these safe houses these survivors are put into foster care, juvenile detention centers, or jail. Most become involved in illegal activities because there is no safe place to go and that is all they know.

The Build It Forward Mission is a fundraising platform to get 100,000 people to donate just $10.00 a month. That would raise over 12 million dollars a year. Human trafficking is the fastest growing illegal business on the plant, every 28 seconds, a human being is sold into slavery. 40.3 million people are trapped in modern-day slavery, and it has become a local, national, global problem. Just giving $10.00 per month for those rescued needing a safe place to live and rehabilitate is a small price to pay. To learn more go to