Bill King – Insurance Agent With AIG Indexed Universal Life Informing Us On How To Retain Our Hard-earned Money When We Retire, Tax-Free.

We talked about how the road to retirement used to be comfortable. Pensions-401K – Social Security – Investments – Savings. That’s the way we were taught.

Well, things sure have changed; Companies aren’t offering pensions, as well as 401K plans, Social Security had changed, People aren’t able to save enough, especially with the cost of living and Investments in the Stock Market or Annuities have been all over the place. However the biggest problem with most of these options, you are still going to have to pay taxes.

Now there is a better road to take. You can build a Tax-Free retirement, with an Index Universal Life policy that allows you to protect your money because it is an insurance contract. What this facilitates is

· Tax-free at distribution to you.
· You can put in an unlimited amount of money into the agreement.
· Can grow your money without loss potential, unlike the Stock Market.
· No phase out due to higher incomes, unlike 401k, IRA
· No required minimum distributions (As with taxable distributions).

“This kind of life insurance is the best and most predictable wealth creator.” To learn more call 888-901-9144 or go to

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