The Sharma’s passionately cares for the community and strives to provide residents homes in which they feel happy and wish to live in for a long time. They successfully provide better places to live, improved amenities, and more secure locations to raise the family.

Here are the 4 properties they currently own, located in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex.

  1. Sierra Vista Apartments 2775 Northaven Rd, Dallas, TX
  2. Oak Meadow Apartments 11050 Woodmeadow Parkway Dallas, TX
  3. Oates Creek Apartments 1805 Oates Drive, Mesquite, TX
  4. Terraces on the Parkway Apartments 1109 N Carrier Pkwy, Grand Prairie, TX 

Here are some of the ways that they are helping their residents and residential communities

  • Have been working with their residents who have lost jobs to see how they can help them
  • Guiding them on how to get rent assistance, i.e., they have provided a list of local organizations where residents can get rental assistance
  • Some residents are making masks for which the Sharma’s are paying them for and then donating those masks to the local hospitals. They have donated over 500 masks to Children’s Hospital in Dallas and Plano, Parkland Hospital in Dallas, Baylor, and Medical City of Plano
  • Have purchased over 1400 rolls of toilet paper and 10,000 gloves to give to their residents across all their properties
  • Working with local charities to provide free food several times a week to their residents

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