On a recent episode of Business Innovators Radio with Tom Chesser, Inventor Of Grout Sensation, Richard Guarino shared how his tile & grout cleaner is powerful enough to clean grout amazingly fast. BUT, did not harm the grout while cleaning. Mold, mildew, grime, wine, permanent marker, stain, you name it, and Grout Sensation can clean it out of the grout in seconds.

Benefits Of Using Grout Sensation & The Grout Brush:
• Cleans grout in seconds
• Light Scent
• Does not harm grout
• Deep cleans years of dirt out of the grout
• Makes dirt float
• Kills mold and mildew
• Safe for any color grout
• Environmentally safe
• Hundreds to thousands of dollars saved by cleaning your tile & grout
• Used by major hotel chains across the USA for over a decade
• Grout brush that screws on a mop handle allows cleaning without getting on your hands and knees

Most Ace Hardware stores have Grout Sensation and the Grout Brush in stock.
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Grout Sensation # 1560622 – Grout Brush # 1560341
or go to http://sensationalcleaners.com/