Ricky Sluder was recently interviewed on Rise Up Radio by Tom Chesser and OffBeat Business Media CEO Susan Hamilton about his story as a Dallas County Criminal Investigator during his 20-year history working investigations.

Sluder shares his story from ‘behind the badge’ experiences to highlight the need for closer community relationships between the front lines and the public they serve.

Says Sluder, “This is the most important factor, that we understand with our hearts and minds, the stresses these men and women experience every day to provide protection when they often feel unprotected by the policies in place or the communities they serve. A certain amount of bravado is necessary to deal with the routine depravity and senseless violence they must process internally every day, and don’t feel able to share those things with their closest circles – wives, children, family members, friends from church or the community. Most people cannot survive that type of pressure without a vent, and officers are people.”

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