Nelson Gonzalez – Senior Vice President of EWM Realty International

Nelson Gonzalez is Senior Vice President of EWM Realty International and No.1 realtor in Miami-Dade County for 2015. He has sold over $1 billion in luxury real estate throughout his 25+ career. He helps luxury home buyers and sellers sell, invest and purchase high-end waterfront properties in Miami Beach.

His hard work and dedication to the business has placed him in the top 5% of realtor nationwide. Nelson’s reputation has lead to other top realtors across the country calling him to help close high-end deals.

Nelson helps sellers decide on a fair market price to list their home competitively. He also helps them prepare their home to sell and he markets their homes to reach the perfect buyer. He educates buyers about the current market, so it is easier for them to decide on the right home.

To learn more about Nelson visit:

You may also contact him at:

EWM Realty International
419 Artur Godfrey Rd. Miami Beach Fl.
Phone: 305-674-4040

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