Today’s show explores what is yoga and the experience of having just completed a yoga teacher training course from student Alice Romanov, a junior at Wake Forest University. She shares her journey on the path of yoga and the experiences that led her to this transformative experience, as well as the life-altering shifts unfolding in her life as a result of her choices.

Alice Romanov, a junior at Wake Forest University, has always been drawn to movement and mindfulness, dancing since the age of 3. In the last year, a beautiful journey unfolded which brought her into a deeper discovery of yoga and meditation- woven into experiences of travel and academic research. From studying the therapeutic effects of dance for people with neurodegenerative disease, to completing a yoga teacher training course, culminating in doing a meditation retreat in Nepal, Alice has been discovering what it means to create a unique, fulfilling path on the yogic lifestyle.

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Mimi Adeogba

Mimi Adeogba is an international yoga instructor and creator of transformational experiences. Mimi has been featured on Expert Profiles Atlanta and Make Everyday YourDay podcasts. She helps empower yoga teachers and studio owners to create effective strategies for improving their experience of life.