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Yonah Weiss – Saving Thousands on Taxes Using Cost Segregation

“Let’s say you had a $200,000 income and you had $100,000 of deductions, well, instead of paying taxes on $200,000, you’re now only paying taxes on $100,000. That creates a net, real cash value of how much you would have had to pay in taxes, and that’s pretty significant. Again, over $500,000 is like ten […]

John Fortes – How a College Basketball Referee Invested $70 Million In Multifamily

“You mean to tell me that if I invest in one offering, I’m diversified? And, on top of that, I’m only sitting down and looking at it one time? Alright, cool, let me see the newsletters and distributions after that because I’m pretty much sold on that aspect!”  – John Fortes I’m joined this week […]

Jacob Ayers – How a First Rental Property Was Purchased at 25 Years Old

“I wanted to build up enough cash flow to achieve financial freedom so that I could live life on my own terms. What that meant for me was, eventually getting to a point where I could replace my ‘earned’ income with ‘passive’ income, and the key to that, for me, was through cash-flow investment properties.”  […]

Scott Maurer – How to Invest in Real Estate Tax Free with a Self-Directed IRA

“A self-directed IRA just means that it’s a retirement account. It’s a tax-deferred retirement account where you can control exactly what you want to invest in rather than being limited by a bank or a brokerage firm.”  – Scott Maurer We’re switching things up just a little bit this week and talking about one funding […]

Brian Briscoe – Marine to Multifamily

“He literally put his hand on my shoulder, and he’s like, ‘Brian, you don’t need to be doing that…just find a partner and go big.’ I’ll use the seventh grade dance analogy, you now, your first dance in the seventh grade. There’s a couple people in the middle dancing and everybody else is standing on […]

Chris Salerno – Finding Passion and Purpose in Everyday Life

“I went back to an old game we played and it’s called Monopoly. And I realized you don’t broker real estate in Monopoly, you buy the land; you build wealth.”  – Chris Salerno I’m joined this week by a really impressive young investor, the Founder and CEO of QC Capital, LLC, out of Charlotte, North […]

Kimberly Marie – Physical Therapist Turned Real Estate Investor

“What If I do that for a 10-unit building? What if I did it for a 20-unit building? What if I did it for a hundred-unit building? I can do the same amount of work, maybe a little bit more, for a LOT more return!”  – Kimberly Marie My guest this week is physical therapist-turned-real […]

Derek Clifford – Building a Real Estate Business While Working a Full-time Job

“Understanding why you’re doing this is the most important thing. Knowing that this business is a crockpot – this isn’t a microwave business.”  – Derek Clifford This week, I’m joined by my friend Derek Clifford, CEO of Elevate Equity. Not only is Derek a successful single- and multifamily real estate investor, having acquired 13 out-of-state […]

Sunitha Rao – Tennis Olympian Turned Real Estate Investor

“…there was so much more opportunity with real estate. A scalable business model could be built where I could work really hard at the beginning and then…basically be paid in perpetuity for the rest of my life.” – Sunitha Rao On this episode, I’m talking with a former professional tennis player, Olympian, and corporate finance […]

Vinney Chopra, Moneil Investment Group

“…the biggest thing I would like to suggest to your audience is there is 28.7 trillion, $28.7 trillion in retirement funds in USA alone.”  – Vinney Chopra This week, I pull back the curtain and introduce you to my mentor, Vinney Chopra, a real estate investor who currently owns and manages roughly $360 million in […]

Sara Jung Introduction

Welcome to “50 Shades of Wealth – Confessions of a Real Estate Investor.” My name is Sara Jung and this podcast is a passion project – a platform to share everything my colleagues and I know about real estate investing. But we’re not going to sugarcoat things and present just the shiny, happy moments – […]

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