Seun Ajanwachuku – CEO of on Creating Greater Website Visibility and Conversion

In this episode, host Neil Howe talks to CEO of, Seun Ajanwachuku about helping business professionals get better results from their websites.

Seun helps business owners with a website achieve greater visibility on Google. Seun also holds a bachelors in mechanical engineering. This technical background contributed greatly to his marketing success and ability to develop strategies for businesses that work.

Listen in as Seun walks us through the 3 main areas to focus on to grow your business.

1. Traffic

2. Conversions

3. Retention

Each one of these parts makes up a whole digital marketing strategy to get the best results from your marketing dollars.

To learn more about Seun Ajanwachuku and GVATE, visit:


79 Madison Ave. New York, New York 10016

Business Name: GVATE LLC


Address: 79 Madison Ave. New York, New York 10016


Business Name: GVATE LLC


Address: 79 Madison Ave. New York, New York 10016



Social Profiles:



Instagram: @gvate_company


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