When you think about how we’re educating our children today, think about how many choices they have in what they’re learning and why. Children in a traditional public education setting don’t have much choice and there’s no room for future-focus. They have to earn a prescribed number of credit hours in English, math, civics, and science–never mind what their actual goals and dreams are.

But when we teach children in a future-focused mindset, we’re able to raise thriving adults who have strong values and a leg up on their futures. This is just part of the conversation on today’s episode of Education Evolution with Kira Dorrian.

Kira is a parenting expert in the Pacific Northwest and co-host of the podcast Raising Adults: Future Focused Parenting. We approach our conversation from the perspective of the parent and the perspective of the education leader and look at how future-focused learning is about the long game of raising children.

Tune in now to find out how to help families move from surviving to thriving, how to parent and teach with the end in mind, and why it’s so important to lean into children’s voices.

About Kira Dorrian

Kira Dorrian is the co-creator of Future Focused Parenting and co-host of the popular podcast Raising Adults. She has been working with expectant and new parents as a childbirth educator and parent coach for over a decade and specializes in preparing couples for their transition into parenthood, navigating the transition itself, and helping them raise emotionally intelligent children. Kira has been a mental health professional with a private practice for the past ten years and is passionate about the mental health and wellness of the whole family as a key to a positive parenting experience.

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