Does your curriculum encourage students to be DEI and SEL proficient? Recognizing how diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and Social Emotional Learning (SEL) work together, and being more intentional about them in your curriculum, will help teachers navigate these tough subjects in their classrooms.

E-chieh Lin and Emily Schorr Lesnick worked together to develop the DEISEL curriculum and framework at University Prep in Seattle. Listen in to learn about how this curriculum is preparing their students to thrive and be more engaged in social progression.

About E-chieh Lin and Emily Schorr Lesnick:
E-chieh is the Director of Diversity and Community and the Director of Hiring at University Prep (UPrep). She previously worked as an instructor at Cornell University Office of Academic Diversity Initiatives.

Emily is currently the Director of Social Emotional Learning at UPrep. Previously, she worked as the Upper School Director of Service Learning and Associate Director of Community Engagement at Riverdale Country School in the Bronx.

They co-created the DEISEL framework and curriculum, which intentionally linked diversity, equity, and inclusion with social emotional learning. Learn more about DEISEL learning here.

Jump Through the Conversation:

  • [4:57] Becoming “body aligned” to embody concepts with head, heart, and body
  • [8:14] Remembering that institutions are made of people and we need to start with each person
  • [22:32] Applied theater to embody and understand change
  • [28:18] How graduates with DEISEL skills could impact the world
  • [31:53] Emily’s Magic Wand: For students to see and know they are magic!
  • [32:24] E-chieh’s Magic Wand: Every adult understanding and fighting for justice
  • [34:06] Following their examples of humble lifelong learning to fight for justice

Links and Resources: https://educationevolution.org/38

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