“Education is so much more about that human element, that reaching every student piece, than it is about [what I’m teaching this week].” – Jon Bergmann

This statement is the epitome of Jon Bergman and the way he educates his students. It’s his life’s mission to ensure every student’s needs are met–both in his classroom and in every classroom. His drive to pioneer Flipped Learning classes with expected mastery is why his voice and ideas are so vital in the world of teaching and learning.

During our interview with Jon, we talk about how education has changed over the years–and why it’s still not where our kids need it. We discuss the tragedy with which the industrial revolution impacted modern education and why we’re still doing the wrong things at the wrong times for our students.

Jon discusses what a flipped classroom really looks like (it’s not what you think) and how to really connect with students, even when you’re not face-to-face with them.

After the interview, I give some insight into why students don’t really care about what we’re teaching them until they know that we care about them and I talk about my hope for the impact COVID-19 might have on how education evolves in the future.

About Jon Bergmann
Jon Bergmann is one of the pioneers of the Flipped Class Movement. Jon is leading the worldwide adoption of flipped learning by working with governments, schools, corporations, and education non-profits. Jon is coordinating or guiding flipped learning initiatives around the globe and is the author of seven books including the bestselling book: Flip Your Classroom which has been translated into 10 languages. He is the founder of the global FlipCon conferences which are dynamic engaging events that inspire educators to transform their practice through flipped learning.

Jon spent 24 years as a middle and high school science teacher before becoming the lead technology facilitator for a school district in the Chicago suburbs. He is now back in the classroom, in Houston. Jon is a master storyteller, captivating audiences around the globe. He has a knack for taking complex things and simplifying them through story and humor. Jon hosts a radio show, The Flip Side which is currently getting about 30,000 downloads a month. He also has a popular YouTube Channel with over three million views.

Show Notes, Links and Resources: https://educationevolution.org/3

James Hamilton Healy

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Maureen O'Shaughnessy, EdD

Maureen O’Shaughnessy, EdD, is a career school innovator with over 30 years transforming learning in schools to better serve students. She is the founding director of Leadership Preparatory Academy, a progressive micro-school in Washington State, and is an educational change agent across the globe.