Are you on TikTok?

Listening to Sarah Clifford’s story today should inspire you to try it out. Sarah turned her passion for health and wellness, into a skincare line, ALOA, two years ago. She already had a social media following, so her community was a great place to launch her brand. Sarah communicates with her customers and loves the relationships that can develop from TikTok. You can’t fake it on TikTok and Sarah shares about family, so followers become acquainted with her actual life.

Sarah had been disappointed by the results from Facebook & Instagram marketing campaigns, but when she joined TikTok she was blown away by views and product sales. TikTok enables Sarah to show her products and demonstrate the most effective way to use ALOA products. Marketing can be a lot like skincare, one thing doesn’t work for everyone. We also discuss the importance of getting your followers off of social media and into an email list, so that you can stay in touch if TikTok or Facebook ever disappear. I hope you listen in today and learn from Audra’s experience and success.


  • Products can be healthy and effective
  • Organic products can have sleek packaging too
  • Why TikTok?
  • Education posts are always popular
  • Audra’s advice – use a giveaway to get email addresses
  • People like to buy from people

About Sarah Clifford

Sarah Clifford has always been known for sharing successful health and wellness strategies. She ran with the idea to start her own skincare line two years ago, and now she loves sharing natural products with the world through her TikTok videos.

TikTok – aloachick
Facebook & Instagram – @aloaskincare & @aloachick
Web: https://aloaskincare.com/

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Audra Brehm

Audra’s background has been in Operations and Marketing, specifically in Social Media and growing companies brands. After having many companies reach out to her for consulting on their Social Media, and with proven success she helps create and manage all social media channels for beauty brands.