Kim Grustas is the founder of Good For You Girls, a product she created when she couldn’t find acceptable skincare options for her tween daughters. Equipped with a background in advertising, she took what she had learned from helping other products create a voice to help her launch her own company.

Now she’s found the benefits of selling with Amazon and through her website and a few other mostly online retailers. Good For You Girls has experienced natural, organic growth and that has enabled Kim to be very protective of her company.

Kim recommends knowing what you are good at AND what you are really bad at. If you’re not good at something and don’t enjoy that aspect, find a partner that can handle that area for you. She says your passion can only be fueled if you’re being rewarded daily, and doing what you don’t enjoy will zap your passion.

As Good For You Girls has grown organically, it was important for Kim to remember, bigger is not always better. Keep your blinders on and keep doing what you love.4

About Kim Grustas

Kim is the mother of two daughters who have struggled with asthma and allergies since birth. When she couldn’t find products that met her standards for her girls, she took matters into her own hands and started Good For You Girls in 2008.

She is a veteran of the natural products industry and was on the front line of understanding the importance of replacing harsh chemicals with greener, safer options in skincare. The entire Good For You Girls line is purposefully focused on the products girls actually need at this age.


The moment in Target, when Kim was shocked at ingredients in skincare for her girls.

  • Visiting with distributors to get on shelves.
  • Keep it close to home – Organic growth is good growth.
  • Amazon is like a silent partner
  • Why Kim doesn’t look at email when she first gets to work
  • Know what you’re good at and really bad at
  • Keep inventory accessible, you can’t always rely on Amazon
  • Success isn’t measured by what is in a bank account

Contact: kim@goodforyougirls.com

Web: https://www.goodforyougirls.com/

More info: https://brehmmedia.com/17

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