Social justice is a big topic of conversation across the globe. But how do we teach our children about social justice? It’s not something that we should teach once like so many schools do with programs like Character Counts. Social engagement is something that schools need to live and breathe every day, immersing students in activism that makes a difference. And it should also carry over into the home.

That’s why the conversation I had with Traci Baxley of Social Justice Parenting is so timely and so important. Traci has a diverse background, with more than 30 years of experience in pre-K through college and our conversation focused around why social justice is so important–and how to integrate it into our schools and homes.

So much of what we talked about focused on kindness and conversation, which I believe we can all aspire to do better at.

About Traci Baxley
Traci is driven by compassion, social justice, and radical love–for all children. She wears many hats in the social justice field, including as a university professor, life coach, speaker, and educator. Traci has worked with families, organizations, and corporations in developing inclusive practices that lead to meaningful relationships, a sense of belonging, and high productivity. She has co-authored two books on areas of belonging and cultural identity, authored numerous publications, and presented research at conferences nationwide. She is also mother to five biracial children and is dedicated to ensuring they know, love, and embrace their blackness.

Jump Through the Conversation

  • [1:38] What is Social Justice Parenting?
  • [3:55] Using the R-O-C-K-S Model in homes, schools…everywhere!
  • [9:15] What social engagement can look like in schools more holistically
  • [11:20] What activism looks like for teachers
  • [11:59] Traci’s thoughts on equality and changing policies
  • [13:56] Traci’s Magic Wand: We need to see one another and accept everyone’s lived experiences at truth for them.
  • [14:33] What radical love looks like

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Maureen O'Shaughnessy, EdD

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