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20. How Sales & Marketing Coexist with Denise Shedrick

Today we’re joined by Denise Shedrick, the Vice President of Sales and New Product Development for the salon professional hair care and color brands MOP, ABBA, and ColorDesign. Denise is the perfect person to discuss how sales and marketing loop together.                                                         The MOP brand is a perfect example, Denise set out to build a culture.  […]

19. Using TikTok to Educate with Sarah Clifford from ALOA

Are you on TikTok? Listening to Sarah Clifford’s story today should inspire you to try it out. Sarah turned her passion for health and wellness, into a skincare line, ALOA, two years ago. She already had a social media following, so her community was a great place to launch her brand. Sarah communicates with her […]

18. Engaging Your Community with Alison Alhamed

Alison Alhamed started her new position as the VP of Social Media and Community at R+Co at the beginning of March, right when everything started to change for all of us. Seeing that salons needed help and a way to bring in money now, she helped launch R+Co’s affiliate program and started programs to help […]

17. Do What You Love with Kim Grustas

Kim Grustas is the founder of Good For You Girls, a product she created when she couldn’t find acceptable skincare options for her tween daughters. Equipped with a background in advertising, she took what she had learned from helping other products create a voice to help her launch her own company. Now she’s found the […]

16. Why Consistency is Key with Chris-Tia Donaldson (tgin)

Chris-Tia Donaldson shares how she ended up creating a beauty company after graduating from Harvard Law School. Chris-Tia didn’t grow up around the beauty industry, so she put in the work making connections at trade shows that ultimately led her to labs and the ability to launch Thank God It’s Natural (tgin). She shares advice […]

15. Knowing Your Customer with Jamaliya Cobine (Ursa Major)

Who is your customer? Listen to this conversation with Jamaliya Cobine, who explains why that question is so important. Jamaliya loves the ever-changing nature of social media marketing. Although she’s never considered herself a marketer, she’s been helping people sell things since she was 15. Jamaliya values the importance of knowing your customer and implementing […]

14. Authenticity in Social Media Marketing with Rochelle Jacobs

Are you looking to use social media to enhance your business and share your product? Rochelle left a wall-street trajectory to join her mother’s skincare company and needed to help them transition to a new world of internet sales and digital marketing. She has put in the work with social media marketing and has learned […]

13. The Uncomplicated Approach to Digital Marketing with Kelley Thornton from Tiege Hanley

Kelley Thornton repurposed his 20 years of experience in retail merchandising to help him create a men’s skincare line with a few friends. He knew it was hard for men in America to understand how to take care of their skin and he thought he could create a product to uncomplicate the process… and he […]

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