I’ve been waiting for you.

It seems like years.

Take a moment and breathe.

Feel your feet on the ground.

The earth can hold you now.

Your work is done.

Let your eyelids rest.

And just breathe.

Did you notice?

You’re still here.

You’re still breathing.

Your heart still beats.

Open your eyes now.

Look around you.

Do things seem different?

That’s because you are different.

The sun seems to shine brighter.

The butterflies come out to greet you and birds fly by to say hello.

Did you feel that gentle breeze in your hair?

That was just for you.


You’ve been working so hard.

Now you can just be still.

It’s time to love yourself.

It’s time to allow hope to re-enter your life.

It’s about you now.

Your work is done. Don’t they have everything they need?

You’ve been given another chance.

Sip in the oxygen, then set your voice and your words free.

From this day forward, you will no longer hold yourself responsible for the happiness of others.

It’s time for you to live renewed.

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James Hamilton Healy

James Hamilton Healy is a Best Selling Author, host of Business Innovators Radio and contributor to Small Business Trendsetters and Business Innovators Magazine covering Influencers, Innovators and Trendsetters in Business, Health, Finance and Personal Development.

Shar Jones

Shar Jones, the host of Beyond Hope is a Nationally Certified Interventionist, Recovery Coach, and Mom. As the Mother of an addict, she understands the journey and is passionate about being of service to those who want to live a more meaningful life.