Today I’m talking to my friend, Aundre Washington. He shares his personal experience of darkness and what it means to not give up. I hope his story brings you encouragement, wherever you are in your journey today.

First, Aundre and I share the story of how we met. It’s a unique story, but I’m grateful that he reached out to me, so that I could get to know him and develop our friendship.

Aundre is passionate about faith, family and seeing others make progress in their life. He believes simple conversations can change the trajectory of someone’s life.

2016 was the year that broke Aundre. It started with a layoff, this one was different. It hit home harder. Aundre felt lost and without a purpose. He started to struggle with depression and anxiety. Then the discouraging process of looking for a job, no after no. He started to grow bitter, and insecure. And the hits kept on coming, January – December.

Aundre can now say he is happy for that year. He’s seen how those struggles and trials made him stronger.

There is a beauty in the brokenness. Aundre saw things in his life that didn’t belong. He can now relate to others that are broken, and questioning their faith. Because he’s been there too.

I’m glad you’re here today and hope that Aundre’s voice lifts you up and gives you hope.

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