Today I bring you a wonderful conversation I had with the amazing Stacy Fisher, who is an incredible self-care “guru.” A certified dietician, hilarious, compassionate, fun, but such a beautiful light.

We talk about some of the bigger things in life, things that bring joy, the “deep” stuff. Stacy feels these are what leads us to what we can do to contribute and to support ourselves first so that we can support others. That’s why we’re here, to support one another.

But we must understand the basics and setting that foundation for being able to be in service and so that’s why Stacy has been drawn or pulled so much to self-care.

Over the last few weeks, in some ways I feel like I’m losing my mind right now. This energy right now is so wonky, and I just feel so confused about how I feel about everything. And the topic of self-care is so neglected right now. Yet, it is so important.

Stacy and I touch on that, and we honor where we’re at right now, where you may be right now, and then how do we start to think about emerging from this.

The days now are fluid and they just kind of flow. And yes, we have things we have to get for meeting our basic needs. We must eat, we need to sleep, even though those schedules are so off-kilter.

So, the exercise helps me, I ask myself, “What do I need right now?” Well, right now I need a giant salad with fresh vegetables. See, you know, so you can start to get to know yourself. And while every day might have some decisions that are a little out of alignment with what you’re trying to achieve, that’s totally okay.

But it’s over the long term that we have to really get honest with ourselves. Is that where we really want to go? Stacy thinks asking ourselves this on a daily basis is so critical. What do you need the most right now? And when we have to prioritize. When do I ask others for support?

Listen in to this episode for some grounding and thoughtful ways to help us all get through some tough times, no matter the challenge.

Thanks so much for being here, I hope you are staying healthy right now and I’m sending you so much love.

For more info on the incredible Stacy Fisher, please head on over to her website, https://www.livingupp.com/

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