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Jeff Knott is a best selling author of the healthcare book “Navigating the Healthcare Maze”.

He is also Chairman and CEO of Tintagel Holdings LLC, focused on Global Hospitality, Healthcare, Design and Consumer Retail advisement. Jeff has vast experience in creating business models centered on core business competencies such as marketing, advertising and sales.

In 1995 Jeff became Senior Vice President of International Rooms To Go Corporation, and President of RTG Japan.

Jeff’s career has been decorated with multiple awards and achievements dating as far back as 1974-1994 with the Johnson and Johnson Corporation where he was responsible for 120 countries, which led to consolidation into regional affiliated companies.

Additionally, Jeff has been recognized in David Irvine’s book “The Authentic Leader” as an authentic global entrepreneur, as well as being the proud recipient of the U.S. President’s Award for Exporting Excellence on 2 separate occasions. Jeff has appeared on many national US radio and TV networks and is a speaker on all the above topics and especially corporate communication skills.

To learn more about Jeff, visit:, call, +1 (813) 766-0858, email,, or Skype, jeffkrtg

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