Jackie Brennan, CEO & Founder of Workplace Wellbeing in Harpenden, Hertfordshire was a recent guest on Business Innovators Radio, “Let’s Talk Business” series where she spoke about the topic of, “Putting Wellbeing at the Core of the Organisation.”

Brennan shared some of the myths, misconceptions, and common fears that construction industry leaders have about introducing wellbeing programs into their organisations. She explained that as an organisation shifts towards creating a sustainable, caring culture where employees feel valued and appreciated it will naturally lead to higher productivity and ultimately stronger bottom-line results.

Speaking off-air with Radio Talk Show Host, Stewart Andrew Alexander, Brennan explained, “I believe thousands of construction companies invest time, money, and energy into their people, yet sickness, absence, burnout, and mental health issues aren’t decreasing. It’s causing unnecessary pressure because many construction companies still struggle to attract and retain good quality people but it doesn’t have to be this way.”

To learn more about Jackie Brennan, The Workplace Wellbeing Catalyst visit: www.ContactJackie.com

Stewart Andrew Alexander

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