During this episode, Nina Hershberger, author of the best-selling book “How to Double Your Profits Without Spending a Dime,” shares fascinating insight into why so many businesses miss out on hidden profits within their company.

She explains where to find untapped potential, how to maximize profitability, the importance of knowing your numbers, how to calculate your gross profit and gross margin, the concept of fixed vs. variable cost, and the implications of managing the margins in your operation incorrectly.

In a behind-the-scenes conversation with Talk Show Host Stewart Andrew Alexander, Hershberger said, “Overlooking hidden profits is a regular occurrence that business owners can avoid by working towards increasing their revenue without spending any money.”

Hershberger, revealing the main reason for writing her book, adds, “I wrote it because I have such passion for the small business owner. It’s not hard or complicated, but as we both know, being an entrepreneur can be a very lonely place, so I wrote the book to give them hope and a clear roadmap of where they can pick up these dollars to make a difference in their lives.”

The interview concluded with Hershberger sharing a simulator site where business owners can see how small changes in their business can significantly impact their bottom line, available at www.yourprofitsroadmap.com.

To learn more about Nina Hershberger’s book, visit www.amazon.com/gp/product/B09Z9LPPTH.

Stewart Andrew Alexander

Stewart Andrew Alexander, the Find, Trust & Choose Guy is a Best Selling Author, host of Impact Makers Radio, and contributing writer for Small Business Trendsetters covering subject-matter experts (SME) in Legal, Business, Health, Finance, and Personal Development.