Happy New Year! We made it to 2018 and I am so excited about this year.

A lot of growing pains and lessons that needed to be learned. And of course that’s going to continue but I feel like I have made some genuine progress. And I’m excited about that. This podcast by far has been the scariest and most empowering thing that I’ve ever done.

Sometimes stop and pinch myself, to sit with it and recognize that I’m doing this. I am sharing my voice and talking about things that are scary and uncomfortable and that’s okay and that’s good. Learning to share my voice has been the most important thing that I could have ever done for myself. And I have so many people to thank that have helped me.

A couple of the things that I’m going to just keep top of mind for myself, is to continue to stand up for myself and for my family and to shine a light on difficult topics. And just continuing to remind myself not to worry what everybody else thinks about me and to stay true to my own path and my own process and how I go about getting there.

It’s very personal for everyone. And to honor myself through all my growth and change and redefining what it means to feel beautiful. I’m almost 50. You know sometimes I wake up and I look in the mirror and I don’t recognize myself. And as women, I think we have been defined for so long on our physical beauty. I’m challenging myself right now to take a closer look and to redefine what that means for myself.

So those are some of the things that I’m going to be working on this year. Also just allowing more freedom and blessings into my life.

And I recently started beyond Hope Foundation and I cannot wait to see what happens with that. I’m going to give that some more attention this year. And before we jump into today’s show I just want to thank anybody who’s out there listening to my voice right now. We’re here to continue to support and love each other through this journey, so thanks for being here.

So for my last episode of the year I’m excited to just kind of pull together some of my favorite pieces from all of my interviews and kind of putting them up into one episode and I hope you enjoy.

And please, one of my hopes with this podcast is to share your voices so if you have stories of hope or questions that you would like answered or if you just want a friend you can always reach out to me. You can text me at (206) -229-0244. You can email me at shar@beyondhoperadio.com or visit my Facebook group, The Beyond Hope Radio Facebook group and I’m just sending you so much love.

Happy New Year. And I look forward to talking with you again soon.

Bye for now, Shar

Find out more at http://beyondhoperadio.com

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Shar Jones

Shar Jones, the host of Beyond Hope is a Nationally Certified Interventionist, Recovery Coach, and Mom. As the Mother of an addict, she understands the journey and is passionate about being of service to those who want to live a more meaningful life.