Sean Stradling’s life is a testament to that powerful quote from George Eliot. Sean grew up feeling like he was never good enough. “I didn’t do things right and still sometimes to this day I still suffer from the self-limiting beliefs that I’m not good enough.”

Early on he discovered that alcohol and drugs were an easy path to “feel 10 feet tall, bulletproof, all that good stuff.”

But, life just got more difficult as his drug use escalated, and he entered his first treatment center at age 15. It didn’t get better anytime soon. Treatment centers, time in jail, and a family that abandons him as he sinks deeper into depression.

What finally happened was something he can’t explain, but he remembers the last day he used. He recalls a blank empty feeling, and he looked up and said, “God, if you’re real you got to help me because I got to quit, this is killing me.”

“I think finally somewhere inside I realized I am going to die this way.”

Following that powerful turning point in his life at age 33, Sean discovered the support he needed and the fortitude to create a new story. He was able to ask for help and has found a way to heal himself, and now helps others to find their path towards living a better life.

Sean has found freedom from his past. With hard work and discipline, long-term recovery has become his reality.

A certified Addiction Recovery Specialist and Recovery Coach, he works closely to guide and mentor others in recovery to find success as well. And as a parent of children who also struggle with their life choices, Sean often finds himself assisting parents through the difficult decisions they need to make to empower their children to seek a better life.

Listen to this amazing and honest story of determination and challenge where Sean shows us to believe that our past does not define our future.

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