Ep006: Stephanie Wagner – How a Morning Practice Can Get You to a Better Place

Stephanie Wagner has not always been a “morning person.” But, since reading The Morning Miracle by Hal Elrod and systematically creating her own “Morning Practice,” Stephanie has seen marked improvements in her life.

In this inspiring interview, Stephanie details her own “Morning Practice,” how it has dramatically improved her relationship with her husband, and how you can develop your own practice.

She also describes her unique and innovative business, Ready Now, a personal emergency readiness company.

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Shar Jones

Shar Jones, the host of Beyond Hope is a Nationally Certified Interventionist, Recovery Coach, and Mom.

As the Mother of an addict, she understands the journey and is passionate about being of service to those who want to live a more meaningful life.

James Healy

James Healy is a Best Selling Author, host of Business Innovators Radio Show and contributor to Small Business Trendsetters and Business Innovators Magazine covering Influencers, Innovators, and Trendsetters in Business, Health, Finance and Personal Development.