As a professional speaker who specializes in creating successful business solutions, Diana Martinez helps countless business owners and professionals solve problems with the technique of improvisation.

Diana found overtime that she had an a knack for helping people better their lives and have more success with varying issues by using collaboration and improvisation.

During this extremely important interview, Diana exposes some of the techniques she uses to do this. As you listen to what Diana reveals, you will learn some valuable techniques and one you can even use in a marriage.

Diana has been speaking professionally for 3 years. She speaks in the U.S and is based out of Chicago. The content she speaks on is Creativity, Collaboration, and Improvisation.

To learn more:

Contact Diana at: 630-776-8921 or contact her at:

Andy Curry

Andy Curry is a Best Selling Author, publisher, multiple businesses owner and an iReporter contributor for CNN covering business innovators and successful entrepreneurs in Business, Health, Finance, and Personal Development.

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