Welcome to Swift Talk with Sherry Swift! We are continuing the conversation in our Growth Series and having the foundational conversation about Spiritual Growth.

I am a believer. A believer that all growth happens from the inside – out. That we become, who we are eligible to become, because we first believed we are worth it. Sometimes, we have to search deeper for that belief system of self-worth…because let’s just face it…most of us, have in us, whatever was PUT in us. If someone did an amazing job of embedding in our mind-set that we are WORTH it all and should HAVE it all, we believe that. On the opposite end, if we struggle with finding those affirming words in our root structure, we have to plant them ourselves. For many of us, this is where spirituality becomes the foundation for our growth. Believing what you can’t see, touch, taste or feel and knowing that anything is possible! I am a spiritual person (not a religious person) who believes that spirituality is designed to support each person where they are and that it is not limited to being practiced in one way or the other. That everyone, could have something, someone, that they hold onto in those questionable times to increase the light, love, faith and understanding in this world we live in, is a basic right. I believe that It is EVERYONE’S basic right and there is enough space for us all to practice in our own language that supports light and love for everyone.

This was such an enlightening diverse conversation about spirituality, diversity in spirituality and finding a space for EVERYONE to worship and celebrate. I could not have asked for a better guest, a sweeter spirit with a stronger faith & cause then Angela Lippard! I would encourage you to visit my web-site @ www.sherryswift.com and read my blog from this episode and download the bullet points to this important and life changing conversation. If you know of someone who would benefit from this conversation, please send them a link to listen and let’s spread love one share at a time! Angela volunteers her time as a Deacon at The Christ the Good Shepard Independent Catholic Church for the last 3 years. As a Deacon she tithes her time supporting and advocating for causes that she believes in and may add a nontraditional twist to the conversation of traditional spirituality.

Today’s Episode Talks about:
• Religion vs. Spirituality
• Celebrating differences vs. divisive
• Non- traditional Catholicism
• Spirituality and the LGBTQ Community
• Thinking outside of language to identify the GOOD and finding your own spirituality
1. The universe
2. Your own relationships
3. Energy, etc
• DIVERSITY in spirituality

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