Ryan Parrott and his team have set up a charity called Sons of the Flag, Supporting Veterans, First Responders, and their families through a Burn Injury. They identify the patient, and send them to a center for excellence for reconstructive burn care to get the results they so deserve for a better quality of live. Sons of the Flag helped to develop this center for excellence and are calling this program, Mission: Reconstruct Freedom. Free to all Veterans and First Responders that qualify. Burn Patients and their families always ask the question, what’s next for me, or where do I go from here, after the injury occurs and initial hospitalization is complete. This is where Sons of the Flag comes alongside the patient and family to help navigate the unknown.  

From the Host:   Ryan Parrott is a Navy Seal, Author of the book “ Son’s of the Flag, the last 100 years of service ”,   an extreme sports junky, wonderful father,  husband and an overall great man!   I have had the absolute honor of Coaching this extraordinary human being and I am grateful for the opportunity to introduce you to him, his passion and service to our first responders.  I’m giving a book away! Write to me at Swifttalk@sherryswift.com and let’s get a copy of his book in your hands!    

Today’s Episode Talks about: 

  • Sons of the Flag- the Service 
  • Sons of the Flag- The Book 
  • The state of burn care in the united states 
  • Burn Victims – the journey to healing  
  • How to access the support 
  • How to support this great service 
  • Book Ryan for an inspirational talk  
  • Get the book!  

Mentioned in this episode: 
Ryan Parrott’s website:  www.ryanbirdmanparrott.com 
Sherry’s web-site – www.sherryswift.com   

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